Become A Confident and Charismatic Person

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What does being charismatic means?

What’s charisma? How do you have it? Why do some people like Anthony Robbins have it and others struggle to create it?

Updated: Check this latest video about a conversation between Tony Robbins and Tesla owners

According to Merriam-Webster, Charismatic means having great charm or appeal : filled with charisma. These describes people who seem to have some kind of “magnetic powers” which attracts people towards them. I’m sure you know some of these individuals, the MVP of your school basketball, that Muse of a club, this Class President so on and so fort.

Now it’s time to ask yourself, “Do I want to be like that?” If your answer is yes, then you’ve just arrived to the best article on how to be that charismatic person you long to be.

Motivational Speakers Have Confidence and Charisma

Who wouldn’t want to be the crowd’s favorite? Of course most of us right? If you have attended Tony Robbins seminars, you will know how confident and charisma Tony Robbins is. We’ve come across numerous articles which promises steps and tips on becoming a charming or charismatic person as a whole, however we just picked some of the best tips here that you can follow in achieving your goal and obtain success.

Become A Confident and Charismatic Person

 1. Pack just the right amount of confidence

Being confident is admirable, staying poised and graceful under unavoidable circumstances which mostly make people panic is a charismatic characteristic. However, being confident and being Overconfident are two very different things, being confident will make people admire you where as being overconfident will make people hate you.

The most possible reason why people are attracted to confident people is the fact that, Confident persons stay calm even when problems strikes and believe that they can do it. This type of personality is contagious, thus it will also make the people around you be confident of themselves and their abilities, this is the reason why just the right amount of confidence will make you charismatic.

 2. Bring your ears with you

“Everybody wants to speak, nobody wants to listen” this is a known proverb that stated a known truth as well. According to some psychological studies, people want to feel like a “star” and they find pleasure in talking about themselves, what they ate, whom they talked to and what they felt on certain instances: this might also be the reason why the Facebook status: What’s on your mind has been such a hit nowadays since it gives avenue for people to tell others about them.

On that note, if you aim to be a charismatic individual, you need to give people what they think they deserve and that’s someone to listen to their stories and such. This gesture attracts people near you and like you more, most especially of you don’t really talk much in the process and just let the other person “vent out” whatever it is that he has to say. You need to also make sure that when you open your mouth, to provide either an advise or an opinion, the words that will come out of it are honest but considerate ones, thus it will draw people near you.

3. Kindness begets Favor

Nobody wants a rude person, this is a known fact so no matter what you do or and no matter what you feel, strive to be kind so people will end up admiring you. However, bear also in mind that kindness is not about saying yes to whatever the other person asks from you, I view that as stupidity and not kindness. Kindness is treating other people the way you wanted to be treated, just like what Confucius said: ” Do not do unto others what you don’t want other to do unto you.”

4. Keep calm and be Charismatic

Calm people are more attractive than others. Be poised, think that you can handle even the most difficult situation and be calm, because being calm is contagious. Truly, people always wanted to be around calm people because it makes even the most difficult situations easier. This all being said people might not only want to be with you but might also aim to be someone like you.

My last tip for you would be to become successful. Success makes you more charismatic. It doesn’t matter what you do, you just need to be so successful at it to a degree that no one can ignore you.

Success Formula

What is success? When will you know that you are successful?

Success seems to be a big word to many people and most of them believe that you have to be very smart, intelligent and you have to do big things or have tremendous amount of resources to become successful. The fact is that it isn’t true at all. Jim Rohn said that the formula for success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day.

Success Lessons Learned At Tony Robbins London events

I am a seminar junkie and I love attending business and personal development events such as the ones from Anthony Robbins in the UK.

At Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within event, he also shares the strategies to create successful breakthroughs in any area of your life. The key is to master these 3 things: your story, your state and your strategies.

At Tony Robbins Business Mastery event, he shares the strategies to create success in business is to create an effective business map, constant innovation and marketing, master sales and financial analysis, optimization and maximization, and create raving fan customers.

I also found this video about Top 10 Rules for Success from Tony Robbins

“What you practice many years in private will be rewarded in public.” Tony Robbins

What Does It Take To Achieve Success?

A recent interview with the principal of a high school in Australia that achieves outstanding academic success, the principal said: “If you want to get big results, then get the little stuff right. The success secrets are: have respect for your uniform and your school, watch the words coming out of your mouth, treat others well, and you have the potential to be the very best you can be.”

Success is not doing ten thousand things. Success is doing half of a dozen things ten thousand times. Jim Rohn said that “There are no new fundamentals, the truth is not new, it’s old. You must be suspicious to the guy that said ‘Hey, come over here, I will show you my new manufactured antiques’.” No, you cannot manufacture new antiques. Antiques are old.

You might already know all that you need to achieve success. You don’t really need new or more information, but you need a new plan of action. You see, if you keep adding more sugar into your cup of coffee without stirring it well, the coffee still wouldn’t taste sweet. All you need is to stir the sugar well before adding more into the cup.

Success Formula

Success doesn’t happen overnight; even overnight success takes many years to build up. You might have heard about someone selling a million copies of e-book per night and become millionaire, or someone makes millions of dollars per year on the internet just by spending few hours a day working but you haven’t heard about many years of hard work those people have been through and many hours per night they spent on mastering their craft before they become successful. Success is not always something you can see by your eyes.

Success is when you dedicate yourself to hard work, persistence and never give up until you accomplish your goal. Excellent is a commitment to completion. If you want to be successful in any area of your life, find out the “why”-the reasons why you want to succeed in that area because if you have strong enough reason, you will eventually become successful. The “why” is your lasting motivation.

Brian Tracy said: “The key to success is always the same: Decide exactly what you want, write it down, and make a plan to achieve it. Then take action immediately and do something every day to achieve your goal.”

Success is when you develop for yourself the mindset and the self-discipline. Jim Rohn said that success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become. If you want to have more, you have to become more. You might know that the majority of lottery winners go broke after few years winning the lottery and many people who go on diet programs gain all the weight back after all. Why is that? This is simply because they haven’t developed the mindset and the self-discipline for success. Success might take 5 to 20 years to achieve. Some people might say: “I will be 5 years older to achieve it.” Well, how much older will you be after 5 years anyway? The time is going to pass anyway. What important is where you will be after 5 years. Will you still be where you are right now today or you will be at the position you dream to be?

“We all must suffer two types of pain in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”- Jim Rohn

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can buy success overnight? We have been bombarded by the media that we can achieve success in a short time without putting a lot of effort and we start to believe all the advertising such as: losing 30 pounds in 12 weeks or getting ripped and getting 6 packs abs within 6 weeks, etc… as long as you have access to major credit cards and make one single payment of $99. Those scams make us forget the value of hard work and dedication for success. I have seen many normal guys and bodybuilders who have achieved great muscular and ripped body. They all said that it’s the result of many years of hard training, strict diet and high self-discipline. Some guys train every day for 10 years or 30 years and never miss a day work-out.

To sum up, if you want to achieve success in any area of your life, decide exactly what you want and make a plan to achieve it, work on it every day and never ever give up. Remember winners never quit and quitters never win. If you can commit yourself to do that, you will be unstoppable.

Success is not the destination but the journey. For those that expect to achieve success overnight and don’t want to go through the pain, hard work and discipline of the journey, they will definitely never become successful and happy. Success is not what you achieve but the person you must become to achieve it. Happiness does not come from what you get; happiness comes from what you become.

I hope this article bring you back to the basis of success and help you to achieve more success in your life.

Teaching Toddlers To Read

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Did you know that teaching toddlers to read can be fun and easy? It is possible to teach children to read even when they are as young as three months old. Actually, the younger you begin to teach your child the easier it will be for them to learn. If you love your children, you’ll love the parenting tips I am about to share today.

Teaching Toddlers To ReadA child’s mind is like a sponge from birth to roughly five years old. This is because during this time their brains are rapidly developing and as a result they are able to learn at lightning speeds. you can teach toddlers to read as early as possible so that they don’t have problems in future.You can start teaching them the alphabet.

Toddlers do love learning even though they are very young for schooling. There are several processes of teaching toddlers the alphabet. And it should be done in simple way but fun by associating with some natural learning activities.

The first step to developing your child’s communication skills is introducing alphabet letters. This is mostly associated with some fun activities to get your child’s attention. So, if you want to develop your child’s communication skills, teach your child alphabet now. Below are some guidelines on how you teach your child the alphabet in effective ways.

Watch this video to learn how to teach the alphabet to kids:

At first, if the alphabet song seems too long and difficult for your little one to grasp try breaking it down into six letters at a time. Start with the first six, when they have that down pat, add the next six and so on until they can sing the song the whole way through. Make sure you praise them for their efforts and keep the experience positive. If they are showing signs of disinterest, take it up with them at another time, they have probably had enough for now.

Incorporate a poster of the alphabet into your home and point to the letters as you sing the alphabet song. It is important that they are also able to recognize the letters of the alphabet as well as sound them out. You can buy tubs of magnetic letters and have them arranged on the fridge so that the letters you are concentrating on are available at their level to feel and touch.

First is to draw a large uppercase “A” on the paper. Cut it carefully and cover it with plastic to make it durable. Introduce it by using some existing activities to catch his or her attention. You can start saying, “Hey, baby I made you a big “A.” In case your child ignores you, just think another way to get his or her interests and just go with the flow. Look some uppercase “A” in your area.

In order to get his or her attention, try to use amazing tone while pointing out the letter “A”. You can ask your child to look letter “A” in your house. Try also to purchase some alphabet books. Make a schedule when you read the books to your child. When you read the alphabet books, point out letter “A” and other letters.

Reading to your baby and toddlers will also naturally lead them to have an interest in letters and sounds. It’s a great way to learn how to teach a child to read. Be sure to explain to them how the two fit together so that they understand that when they are big boys and girls and know all the sounds of the alphabet they too will be able to read. After all, this is the whole reason for teaching your toddler the alphabet!

nose surgery melbourne

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Recently some of my friends went to get nose reshaping or what people usually call Rhinoplasty. So I decide to blog about this for those who consider getting their nose job done.

What is Rhinoplasty?

nose surgery melbourneRhinoplasty is surgery that changes the appearance and/or shape of the nose. This usually involves a cosmetic surgeon making incisions into the bone structure of the nose, and then re-draping the skin and tissue over it, in order to change the appearance of the appendage.

Rhinoplasty is an out-patient procedure that usually takes around three hours to perform. It can be done with either a general application of anesthesia, which puts the patient to sleep, or a local one, which numbs only the area that will be operated on. Those who opt for a local anesthetic should keep in mind that the doctor will be cutting into the bone and tissue of their face. While there will be no pain involved and the area will be covered from the sight of the patient, it is unnerving for some people to hear bone being cut.

Why should you undergo rhinoplasty?

There are two usual reasons for people wanting to undergo rhinoplasty. The first group of people want to change or enhance their natural look, and since the nose occupies such a dominant place in a person’s features, the way it looks greatly affects the whole face. The concern of these people is primarily cosmetic in nature.  Before getting a rhinoplasty, you need to know that nose job melbourne cost can be high compared to other places around the world but it can be worth it. The cost can vary around $10,000.

The second group of people have defects that have come about from either accidents, disease or genetic and birth problems. Sometimes, the defects in the nose can be severe enough to make it difficult for the person to breathe, or these defects can cause chronic congestion. These people want to undergo rhinoplasty in order to alleviate or eliminate these medical conditions.

What can you expect after the operation?

Because rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure, there will be some discomfort and pain involved afterwards. Swelling and bruising around the eyes should be expected, and depending upon the kind of rhinoplasty, it may be necessary for the doctor to prescribe pain medication.

There will usually be a splint outside the nose, which will be removed in around a week. Sometimes, there may also be a splint inside the nose. There may also be some discharge of fluid, though a good surgeon should be able to avoid a scenario where this fluid is excessive. Still, there may be need for gauze under the nostrils to catch the discharge, and this gauze should be changed as needed.

What are the potential risks?

It is important to be selective when choosing a plastic surgeon to perform rhinoplasty, since it is one of the hardest surgeries to perform. It is also one of the surgical procedures with the highest rates of revision, meaning that dissatisfied patients need to undergo a second procedure in order to correct their appearance.

Other risks include bleeding, nasal swelling that can cause difficulty in breathing and infection. The best way is to ask your surgeon to explain to you in details about what risks you might personally face so that you can confidently decide to go ahead with the surgery. Finding the right surgeon can be easily done by looking at some Rhinoplasty Melbourne directory sites or on the internet.

How to match the outcome with your expectations

When selecting a plastic surgeon, it is important that you check the reputation and credentials of the doctor. The years of experience, expertise and certifications may mean that the surgeon charges more, but it is also far more likely that your rhinoplasty will go well.

Because this kind of surgery is both a skill and an art, it is also best to look at photos of previous work the surgeon has done, both the pre- and post-operation looks of previous patients. This should give you a better idea of what to expect from a particular plastic surgeon.