Become A Confident and Charismatic Person

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What does being charismatic means?

What’s charisma? How do you have it? Why do some people like Anthony Robbins have it and others struggle to create it?

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According to Merriam-Webster, Charismatic means having great charm or appeal : filled with charisma. These describes people who seem to have some kind of “magnetic powers” which attracts people towards them. I’m sure you know some of these individuals, the MVP of your school basketball, that Muse of a club, this Class President so on and so fort.

Now it’s time to ask yourself, “Do I want to be like that?” If your answer is yes, then you’ve just arrived to the best article on how to be that charismatic person you long to be.

Motivational Speakers Have Confidence and Charisma

Who wouldn’t want to be the crowd’s favorite? Of course most of us right? If you have attended Tony Robbins seminars, you will know how confident and charisma Tony Robbins is. We’ve come across numerous articles which promises steps and tips on becoming a charming or charismatic person as a whole, however we just picked some of the best tips here that you can follow in achieving your goal and obtain success.

Become A Confident and Charismatic Person

 1. Pack just the right amount of confidence

Being confident is admirable, staying poised and graceful under unavoidable circumstances which mostly make people panic is a charismatic characteristic. However, being confident and being Overconfident are two very different things, being confident will make people admire you where as being overconfident will make people hate you.

The most possible reason why people are attracted to confident people is the fact that, Confident persons stay calm even when problems strikes and believe that they can do it. This type of personality is contagious, thus it will also make the people around you be confident of themselves and their abilities, this is the reason why just the right amount of confidence will make you charismatic.

 2. Bring your ears with you

“Everybody wants to speak, nobody wants to listen” this is a known proverb that stated a known truth as well. According to some psychological studies, people want to feel like a “star” and they find pleasure in talking about themselves, what they ate, whom they talked to and what they felt on certain instances: this might also be the reason why the Facebook status: What’s on your mind has been such a hit nowadays since it gives avenue for people to tell others about them.

On that note, if you aim to be a charismatic individual, you need to give people what they think they deserve and that’s someone to listen to their stories and such. This gesture attracts people near you and like you more, most especially of you don’t really talk much in the process and just let the other person “vent out” whatever it is that he has to say. You need to also make sure that when you open your mouth, to provide either an advise or an opinion, the words that will come out of it are honest but considerate ones, thus it will draw people near you.

3. Kindness begets Favor

Nobody wants a rude person, this is a known fact so no matter what you do or and no matter what you feel, strive to be kind so people will end up admiring you. However, bear also in mind that kindness is not about saying yes to whatever the other person asks from you, I view that as stupidity and not kindness. Kindness is treating other people the way you wanted to be treated, just like what Confucius said: ” Do not do unto others what you don’t want other to do unto you.”

4. Keep calm and be Charismatic

Calm people are more attractive than others. Be poised, think that you can handle even the most difficult situation and be calm, because being calm is contagious. Truly, people always wanted to be around calm people because it makes even the most difficult situations easier. This all being said people might not only want to be with you but might also aim to be someone like you.

My last tip for you would be to become successful. Success makes you more charismatic. It doesn’t matter what you do, you just need to be so successful at it to a degree that no one can ignore you.

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